Tech Prep College Connections is a regional partnership of four community and technical colleges and nine school districts. We bridge the secondary and postsecondary education systems in order to provide high school students with opportunities to earn college credit and to connect education and training with careers and employment.

We also provide opportunities for professional development and meaningful connections with business and industry. Our curriculum pathway meetings bring together high school and college faculty in order to: review and update articulation agreements, discuss program changes and learn more about regional and/or national career trends for related education programs.

Your SERS Account

Every school year that your class has an active articulation agreement, you must assign grades through the state enrollment and reporting system (SERS).

Click here to access your SERS account.

For a complete set of instructions, please download the Tech Prep Teacher Module.

Please contact us if you need help accessing or managing your account. We are happy to assist you. Phone number is: 425-564-6158 or e-mail is

Articulation Agreements

Developing an articulation agreement is not as hard as it sounds – in fact, many teachers have reported that the process invigorates their lessons and introduced them to peers at community and technical colleges

Articulation Request Form (PDF Form)

Articulation Review Process (PDF Form)

Teacher packet

You can view a copy of this year's teacher packet here (PDF form).

We distributed Tech Prep logo'd jump drives in 2016 - full of everything you need to inform and assist your students and their parents about the Tech Prep opportunity. If you did not receive one, please let us know and we will send one, or better yet, bring one to you!

Other materials are available on the Resources page. If you would like printed materials, please contact us.

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"The last several years I have been fortunate to have Tech Prep at my high school. All of these classes most definitely helped me in my career choice, but also helped me gain credit in college before actually going to college.

I'm starting Bellevue Community College with over 12 credits, which helped me financially, plus I have the opportunity to graduate earlier than my peers. Thank you Tech Prep!

Tyler Henselman
College Student


"I have had three sons take advantage of the Tech Prep program. The credits they have received have given them some breathing room in their freshman schedule and saved me a substantial amount of is a wonderful program that I would encourage everyone to take advantage of."

Robin Stearns

"Tech Prep courses not only saved me thousands of dollars but also prepared me for college level courses while allowing me to take classes on campus and stay involved in my high school."

Katie Underwood
Central Washington University Graduate